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About J2
About J2
J2 Web Works brings decades of computer programming and web development experience to each of our projects.  We understand your need for a unique web presence which reflects you and what you have to offer the world.  We also understand the importance of an intuitive user interface to give your visitors the best experience they can have.

Some of the technologies we use to provide our services are:

  • HTML/XHTML/CSS - We hand code all of our sites.  That gives us more control over the look of the site.
  • Javascript - We are experts in Javascript and can use it to produce Flash-like effects without flash.
  • PHP/MySQL - We use this to store information for you.  We can store information collected from inquiries on your website or we can use it to store parts of your website for retrieval from a content management system or AJAX.
  • AJAX - AJAX is a combination of Javascript and other technologies which combine to create dynamic information on a web page. That means that things on a single page can change without reloading the page and without going to a different page
  • Various Imaging and Animation packages -  We have a number of imaging and animation packages that can help us enhance the look of your website.

J2 is committed to keeping the price of your website as low as possible.  We use rapid development techniques which include tapping into our library of code and our library of graphics and templates to fashion a unique, but affordable website for you.

See what our Customers Think.

Your website content management software is by far the easiest, fastest and most flexible tool I have ever used to create or manage a website. I have been through several standard tools, both those offered by browsers and third parties, and have tried my hand at HTML coding. Up to now any minor changes took half an hour on my computer with installed software -- with your package I can edit content in a minute from any location! As a result my website is always up to date as I don't have to schedule a grueling session to update a collection of vaguely-named files in an idiosyncratic editor, then get and put the files (with an ftp transfer agent that usually requires disabling my firewall) and hope all the links survive the transfer.

Your brilliant template balances ease of construction with total flexibility of content. The text editor alone is worth more than the cost of the entire package -- calling it a  "text" editor sells it far short.

I would add that all my content displays equally well on all the platforms and browsers I use, and I have received no complaints at all from viewers who used to have trouble on older or lesser-used browsers. All content, including slide shows, video and audio clips, displays flawlessly!

Finally, thank you for your intense hands-on approach to customer service. You respond immediately to questions, issues and bemusements on my part. Would that every vendor took the words "customer service" so literally!

You have produced a truly great product that I rely on constantly. I no longer consider website maintenance as an ugly job -- you made it easy and (dare I say it) fun!

Very truly yours,
Jeff Kraus
10-year webmaster of

J2 WebWorks Site - The Bluffs at Fox HillI am so pleased I engaged Judy Judd to create the website for my condo community, The Bluffs, on the north fork of Long Island.   Judy knows how to organize the size to maximize its utility and content.  It's intuitive and very user-friendly.  With only a small amount of training from Judy, I have been able to add and update content routinely and maintain the site for the benefit of our community.
Kathy Young
Vice President

I really must write to tell you how thrilled we are with the updated website.  The design is perfect and allows our products to shine while still purveying a professional image. 

One of the best features is the new Website Administration panel or as you call it, the Content Management System.   I have to admit I was skeptical at first, and was not sure that this would allow me to do what I'm used to doing using .html programs such as Island Image Design WebsiteFront Page.  However  after a very short learning curve (20 minutes?), I found that it is very intuitive and far simpler than any program I've used in the past 12 years to update a website!  I can actually make changes to the web pages on the fly, without connecting to the server, without dragging and dropping updated pages, and all else that goes with updating a website. I love the fact that it has a relatively comprehensive text management system, plus simple link insertion guides, and the ability to include images wherever I want to put them. 

I also find the gallery management system to manage images to be very intuitive as well and easy to work with.  We are appreciative of all the special touches and custom features that you built for us. 

If you ask me, anyone can build a web site.  Just look around the WWW and you'll find every kind of home-spun site imaginable. But to build a truly professional website that looks fabulous, is easily updated, and is fresh for many years to come - well, that's genius!

Thank you again for all you do for our company.  You're surely our strongest business partner! 

Suki Miller


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